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 The "GULCH"
The nondescript shack in the clearing in this photograph may not look like much to the untrained, uninformed casual eye, but it holds tremendous nostalgic value for the many members of St. John's and many other residents of the hanover Section who remember it well. Many folks even owe their marriages to the "Gulch", meeting and falling in live with each other at one of the many dances held here over the years. The "Gulch" is now only a memory, having been replaced about 40 years ago by a small subsection of new homes, but it lives on in the many, many stories people still love to tell.
In its heyday, 5 cents would get you an evening of music, dancing, and plenty to eat and drink. The place had no running water, no bathroom facilities, nothing but the promise of a great evening out. The phonograph was brought in and set up for dancing, the dishes were all brought in from the Church and hauled back again to be washed at the end of the evening. The grill was outside and produced an endless supply of hamburgers and hot dogs. A good place indeed to be found with your sweetheart on your arm, love in the air and Big Band tunes in the background.
While not necessarily owned by St. John's, the "Gulch" was often the destination for many a wonderful event enjoyed by the parish. Below is a picture of the Church shot while returning from the "Gulch" 

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